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StukTV StukTV X 468
NikojaSanttu NikojaSanttu X 454
Industrialized Industrialized X 399
Drugslab Drugslab X 314
Zoe Hazel Zoe Hazel X 310
Spaze Spaze X 242
Anastacia Kay Anastacia Kay X 230
JoostSpeeltSpellen JoostSpeeltSpellen X 179
Fight for Together Fight for Together X 175
Natalie Barbu Natalie Barbu X 172


StukTV StukTV X 4013
Spaze Spaze X 2396
NikojaSanttu NikojaSanttu X 1921
Industrialized Industrialized X 1921
World Wide Wohnzimmer World Wide Wohnzimmer X 1754
Zoe Hazel Zoe Hazel X 1621
Karmakut Karmakut X 914
Drugslab Drugslab X 913
The Meza Family Vlogs The Meza Family Vlogs X 856
黑白熊翻譯 黑白熊翻譯 X 856


Q: What is this?
A: It's a website that can provide you with a link that always points to the latest Youtube video on your (or anyone's) channel.

Q: Will you gain access to my channel?
A: No, you only enter your channel id, we don't need access to your account. We just pull your videos up through the public Youtube API.

Q: Why should I register?
A: You don't have to, but it allows you to track clicks on your link, from which website people clicked, in what country your main audience is located, all sorts of cool stuff. And you'll be able to buy a custom shortlink.

Q: And it's free?
A: Yes, creating a shortlink is free. The base functionality will always be free, but you can optionally buy a Vanity link for a few bucks that removes ads and allows you to pick your own url.

Q: I just uploaded and the link is not pointing to my newest video!
A: It may take up to 15 minutes for a link to update as to not overload the Youtube API.

Q: I can't find my channel id!
A: Luckily Youtube has made a page explaining where to find your channel id, just visit this page and follow the steps.