Terms of Service

General usage

  1. LatestYoutu.be or Nick Betting are not responsible for any content that is posted on a channel linked through this service. We have no way of seeing if a link could be potentially harmful. All videos are hosted on Youtube and if you notice a harmful link please email info@latestyoutu.be and report the video or channel to Youtube.
  2. Every user is allowed up to 5 links by default on an account. Users creating multiple accounts to circumvent this limit will be banned. Please contact info@latestyoutu.be for information about plans to increase this limit.
  3. You are allowed to create links for any channel. Video's on Youtube are publicly available and creating a link to those video's is fair use.
  4. Links of users generating fake visits to inflate statistics will be deactivated and their channels banned from using the LatestYoutube service.
  5. Using third party tools or exploits to attempt to gain illegal access to any part of LatestYoutu.be is strictly forbidden and will lead to a permanent ban and removal of your account.
  6. Indiduals using third party tools or exploits to disrupt service of or do harm to the service of LatestYoutu.be in any way will be prosecuted.

Vanity links

  1. Choosing a name for your Vanity link is your own responsibility. LatestYoutu.be is not responsible for any spelling errors or other errors made by the user while creating a Vanity link.
  2. LatestYoutu.be reserves the right to change offensive or inappropriate Vanity links at their own discretion. The owner of the Vanity link will be contacted and asked to provide a new name for their link. LatestYoutu.be will pick a new name if the owner is unwilling to cooperate or does not respond within 7 days.
  3. Picking a Vanity link that has the name of an influential Youtuber or company is not encouraged (for example PewDiePie or CocaCola). LatestYoutu.be reserves the right to force users to change their Vanity link if an influential Youtuber or company wants to purchase an unavailable link that has their literal name.
  4. Vanity links may be refunded up until 14 days of purchase. If you want to refund your vanity link please email info@latestyoutu.be with your PayPal transaction id and your channel id. Abuse of refunding will lead to you being banned from purchasing vanity links.


  1. LatestYoutu.be will not share your account information with 3rd parties
  2. LatestYoutu.be tracks and monitors clicks on the ltstyt.be shortlinks. Data is saved and anonymously shared with the user that created the link to provide them with insights on performance of their link and their audience.
  3. IPs and other information is collected for efficient operation of the service and to identify and ban abusive users.
  4. All data is collected over a secure connection using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and stored in a properly secured database.